Penghinaan Baru Untuk Najib

HANTU flew in without much fanfare this time, clutching an envelope and demanded that I not open the envelope until he said his piece. Of late I do not want to argue with him. Of late he lands on my shoulders and his claw can be very intimidating. As such I have learnt to treat him as an equal and acquised to his wish.

“There is this thing nagging at me. IT IS A PROBABLE POSSIBILITY THAT PAK LAH WILL NOT RELINQUISH HIS PMship on 1st April 2009” he hooted, “you can read my prediction.” He flew onto the bar, lifted the lid and had his share of shashimi and wasabe.

This is his take:

He strode into HIS office jauntily at 7.00am on 1st April to get a feel on his room before eveerybody came clocked in at 8:00am. Mother of Moses, he saw Pak Lah seated on his old chair and the banner behind Pak Lah had this distrubing message: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY JIBBY. He was dumbfounded.

Pak Lah spoke: I will try to be brief so that my message will register. I know you have a DREAM. But dreams can turn into a nightmare. After I agreed to speed up your entrance to this office I have been observing you closely.

You began to show your strong arm. People were arrested under the ISA. Anyone who spoke against you You began to show your strong arm. People were arrested under the ISA. Anyone who spoke against you were tailed by your goons. You began to see the power of money.

Who believed that Bala would one day make a SD about you and Atantuya and the next day he went back on his words. And now he has dissapeared. If he walked the street today, people would be less suspicious.

The Rakyat points the finger at YOU if you have not realised that.

Then there was the Permatang Pauh By-election. Before that you planted your boy Saiful to implicate the PP candidate.. The boy even swore on the Quran. You too did the same. If you are not guilty of anything, why swear on the Holy Book.

The rakyat at PP showed their displeasure. Even our own people shunned us.

Since the new MP of Kuala Trengganu was a clean guy you decided on something familiar…..bribe your way to victory….even to the extent of giving RM300 to some journalists. You brought into KT some 7000 cops, and three helicopters. I tend to belive the bloggers because they put up pictures of the happenings in KT. You planned it such with the EC to prevent 3000 (majority Chinese) from coming back to vote, one week before their Reunion Dinners. Yet we lost big time.

I don’t want to say to much about your romantic tryst and escapades. And then last week you did the most despicable thing. You went in through the backdoor, rewarded t the defectors and whispered some thing to the Sultan and viola, you got BN to govern Perak.

BN has governed for over 50 years and we have won fairly with the help of the EC. Your engineering to snatch Perak is not our democratic process.

We did things subtly. You were too blatant… I can imagine what will happen in the the two Bukits’ by-elections. You don’t buy people, even if you have to twist arms. People got conscience.

Yes you have too much to swallow…..history is not what is written but history is what happened!


o Jibby, you have too much luggage coming into this high office. I am remaining as PM until you come good and rid yourself of those excess baggage. The constitution does not say that the President of UMNO is ipso facto the Prime Minister. Thats tradition, but tradition can be discarded for the good of the country. You may leave now as Deputy Prime Minster today. One more thing. Remember your mentor got rid of two Deputy Prime Ministers. Begone and behave yourself.


Pics donated by Bodohland, Daniel, Mob1900 and Justice.


Author: bintangku

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