Sikh NS trainee adjusting well at new camp in Perak

kesian singh ini

Karpal Singh bisu dan tak berani cakap kejadian potong rambut , Kenapa?

National service trainee Basant Singh, whose hair was allegedly snipped off at Penang’s Sungai Bakap camp last month, is fitting in well at his new camp.

Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said the 17-year-old Sikh trainee had commenced training at his newly-assigned camp in Sungkai, Perak, on Monday.

“He is progressing very well with his training at the new camp,” Abdul Hadi told reporters after visiting the Desa Rimba camp in Chenderoh here yesterday.

Basant had claimed that he had woken up on Jan 16 to find his hair shorter by 60cm, alleging that the hair which he had grown since birth was snipped off while he was asleep.

A subsequent investigation carried out by the department, however, found that no trainee or trainer was involved in the case.

Abdul Hadi said he had not received any information on the police investigation into the matter.

On another matter, Abdul Hadi said trainers and camp officials, especially those in flood-affected areas, had been instructed to monitor their camps closely, adding that trainees whose hometowns had been hit by floods should be monitored closely when they return to camp after the holidays.

“They have been told to look into every aspect of cleanliness and to monitor the health condition the of trainees for fear of infectious diseases, which are prone after flooding,” he said.
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