Scooters rock ‘n’ roar in Ipoh


It was a sight to behold. High-powered scooters in a convoy of almost 1km long streamed into the city centre, turning heads.

As all 170 scooters made their way to the old and new town areas, hundreds of people woke up to a colourful spectacle as the two-wheelers rode into town.

Organised by SYM Owners Group — a Facebook group of about 700 SYM scooter owners — the recent convoy is believed to be the largest gathering of high-powered SYM scooters in the country to date.

Consisting of SYM’s two bestselling models — the VTS 200 and EVO 250i — the convoy’s one-day programme in Ipoh included taking in the sights of the Tambun pomelo farms, passing through jam-packed Little India and the evergreen Ipoh Padang, visiting the majestic Ipoh Railway Station.

The event was themed the SYM Owners Rock Ipoh. It was supported by the state government and the Ipoh City Council.

Besides Perak, the convoy consisted of riders from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pahang, Kedah, Perlis and Penang.

Playing host for the first time to the largest high-powered scooter gathering in the country, Ipoh mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim, said the gathering heralded a new beginning for Ipoh as a destination for convoys.

He said Ipoh, as a city that is developing on many fronts, was an attractive place for people to gather whether they were food aficionados, photographers or backpackers.

“This reiterates that Ipoh, a city that many had overlooked in the past, is gaining popularity and attracting outsiders,” he said, adding that he was excited with the visit by the SYM Owner Group members.

He later hosted a lunch for the convoy.

Roshidi then announced, to the surprise of the bikers, that the city council would include the next SYM Owners Rock Ipoh in its annual calendar of activities beginning next year.

He also announced an allocation of RM5,000 to start the programme rolling.

“I hope the organiser of this event will take this as a challenge and organise a bigger convoy next year,” he said, to thunderous applause from the bikers.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters, the event’s chief coordinator Jaspal Singh said the convoy, though organised within just two weeks, received overwhelming response from bikers nationwide.

“The initial projection was to get 50 scooters to form the inaugural convoy to Ipoh.

“But once the invitation was posted on the group’s Facebook wall, the number of riders kept increasing until it hit 170 on Oct 28.

“This was just a day before the convoy was due to start.

“This is a record entry for convoys organised for SYM scooters.

“This shows that Ipoh, despite being referred to as a laidback city, is still able to attract tourists,” he said.

Jaspal, who owns a VTS 200 model, said the main reason he organised the event was to promote Perak, especially Ipoh, as a convoy destination among owners of two-wheel high-powered engines.

“Perak has many attractive destinations and a good network of roads, be they the expressway, or the state and municipal roads,” he said.

As for the challenge from the mayor to organise a bigger convoy next year, Jaspal said he is up to the task.

“I am already planning with my fellow coordinators to raise the number of participants to at least 250. If possible, we want to make it 300. That will be awesome.

“No one will call Ipoh a sleepy town again. Ipoh will rock with colourful SYM scooters, now that we are friends of Ipoh city,” said the Ipoh-born Jaspal, a self-confessed lover of all things

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