Christian Organizations Protests Against The Use of Allah’s Name in Bibles

My previous article on LGBT Rights asking why Islam is claimed to be backward for condemning it but not Christians for having the same stance, proved to have directed to the right group, that is ‘Malaysian Christians’. It seems that, somehow, the Malaysian Christians are not tailing the same line with the Christians abroad, especially the Christians in Christian’s majority countries, at least in these two mega religious issues, that is the Allah’s name in Bibles and the LGBT rights.

When the world is protesting against Gay or LGBT Rights, the Malaysian Christians are supporting it, if not fighting for it. Or even worse, make Islam and Islamic bodies a subject of criticism and mockery for being the loudest voice to fight against it. Of course, they don’t do this in the name of Christianity, nor they admit to being a liberal-pluralist but they are Christians as far as we can see, judging from the names and their posts or comments in the social network.

And today, the same question keeps popping out as the story of hundreds of thousands of people marching down the street in France to protest against gay rights (again) is being reported, there are three reputable Christian organizations, based in North America that has put up a public petition to stop Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Frontiers from producing Bibles with the names of Christian God (Father and Son) being incorrectly translated into Lord and Messiah or Guardian and Proxy. Also, in their Arabic translation, the word ‘Father’ was changed to ‘Allah’ which, the concerned Christians find it as unacceptable as it would be very offensive to Muslims, as well as very confusing for those newly been introduced to Christians or Islam.

Funny, that the Malaysian Christians don’t share the same sensitivity.

The issue of using the name ‘Allah’ in referring Christian’s God in the Bibles has been a boiling issue for quite some time in Malaysia. The Malaysian Christians are the ones harping for it with and even louder echo by the DAP politicians. Lim Guan Eng had then, made this an official fight of his party in his Christmas greetings which gave PAS a series of ‘black-outs’ that finally led to unending disarray.

Apparently, these filthy politicians have no respect for sacredness of any religion, not even their own. They could actually toy around and make a mess out of faiths for the sake of power. There is just no limitation in their quest for power which is seriously damaging for the humanity and society.

Because of their uncontrollable lust for power, they blinded the Christians into believing that pluralism is acceptable, or apart of Christianity. They blinded the Muslims into believing that respect towards other faith means having to kow-tow to whatever others demand of theirs, and from them. And those with little faith or faithless, have been blinded into believing that LGBT is a right acknowledged, or should be acknowledged by all faiths.

It is about time for the Muslims, the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and everybody in Malaysia to start concentrating on the demarcation line between faith and politics. If you concentrate hard enough, you would see that when the Muslims defend the name of Allah SWT from being abused, it is an issue of faith which is sacred, and not at all political. Therefore, just because you hate the Malay-Muslim government, you don’t have to betray your Christian faith just to show support to anyone who is against the government.

The fact is that, even the Christians, I mean, the true practicing Christians, the people from the churches, the leaders from the majority Christian countries don’t see DAP’s fight for the name ‘Allah’ to be used in Bible as a matter of rights – be it human rights, or the rights to practice one’s faith.

It is not a matter of rights, and it is not right – but absolutely wrong to confuse and manipulate people no matter how righteous you think your objective is. And this is a moral value taught by all faiths.

Do you now see clearly, who are the ones being blinded by hatred, who are the ones with closed mindset, and who are the biggest hypocrites?

We have heard enough of the call for the Muslims to go back to basic – the AlQuran. Perhaps, it’s time for the Christians all over the world to start calling your fellow Malaysian Christians to go back to the Bible too. “Read”, is the first word in the AlQuran, so we wouldn’t be confused of our own faith.

Read, so we don’t get manipulated by those who want us to fight against each other.


University Students Expect Huge Win For BN

A survey which was organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) dan Universiti Malaya (UM) under Yayasan Ehwal Siswazah (YES) found strong support for BN among students with 63% convinced that BN will win the coming GE13 and only 37% expects PR to win.
Survey on opposition-led states also showed increase in support for Dato’ Seri Najib as followed, Kelantan 60.8%, Kedah, 63.8% and Selangor 54.55%.
From all respondents, 40.1% has been identified as undecided voters and 80% of them are ready to vote for the coming GE.
Even though the survey found only small gap between the number of government (30.1%) and opposition (29.8%) supporters, only 0.3% difference, but overall, students are more confident with the leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib at 67.4% compared to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim 52.2%, Datuk Seri Hadi Awang 31.3% and at the bottom, Lim Kit Siang with only 1.5%.
Kit Siang also led the category of leaders who do not deserve to be the Prime Minster with 61.5%, followed by Hadi Awang 26.2% and Anwar Ibrahim 16.2%.
The findings can be considered as something interesting because at the same time, the survey also showed that the favourite political media among students is Malaysiakini, a pro-opposition media which lied in most of their stories.
Indirectly, the survey proves that majority university students are wise enough to judge the credibility on stories that are published by the media and they are not easily influenced.
What we can process from this survey is that how can the survey on the support of political parties among students taken by UMCEDEL showed different result where it showed increasing support for the opposition. UMCEDEL survey also showed that the Chinese comes on top in rejecting BN with more than 90% and that seems confusing especially if we are to look at Kit Siang low popularity in YES’s findings.
Considering that the credibility of UMCEDEL’s Chairman is in doubt due to the history with Anwar in ABIM, it is wise for us to choose based on the findings from YES instead of UMCEDEL.
For that, even though the findings showed positive numbers for BN, BN should take a proactive approach to increase the trust from students by handling current weaknesses, especially in terms of preparing an alternative media platform which could go against Malaysiakini in terms of articles and news.
It is now time for BN to change its mentality to sync with our youth.
Light, harsh and obscene stories written by most pro-BN media is one of the reasons why some students who prefer to converse in English, chooses to read Malaysiakini even though they are aware of the nature of the media.
There is no doubt that such approach does provide positive impact towards certain groups, however, it is not wrong for BN to use other ways for other target readers. If that is achieved, then BN’s would definitely grow a lot stronger to face GE13.

DAP Wants To Use Prince To Eliminate Royal Institution?

As part of DAP’s effort to remain relevant in the society and Malaysian politics, the party has never clearly mentioned their principal which rejects Malay Royal Institution. However, to those who are aware of DAP’s history, they would always be on high alert on DAP’s main principle which rejects Article 153 which states Malay and Islam rights that is protected by the Royal Institution.
Even though the matter is covered by the party’s leaders, DAP’s principal can be seen through comments of its supporters in social networking sites which clearly hate everything that has to do with Malays. It can also be seen through DAP’s constant effort in trying to weaken anything that has to do with Malays. Few of them include language and culture, which brings us to the case where DAP representatives refuse to put on traditional attire in Dewan with the excuse that it has the characteristics of Malay-Muslim.
Their excuse saying that they do hold on to the Constitution and acknowledges Royal Institution was then proven to be lies after top leadership of the party criticized Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and Datuk Teng Chang Khim as they accepted Darjah Kebesaran awarded by Malay Royals because the action was seen as a violation to the party’s principal. Rakyat however, can never fall for such thing and we are aware that the principal is made based on DAP’s rejection towards Malay Royals.
When it is revealed how DAP tried to get Tunku Zain Al-‘Abidin Tuanku Mukhriz to join the party by giving him the post of Chief Minister, it shows how disrespectful Dap really is towards Royal Institution. Even though the participation of a Prince to the political arena is not wrong and that it rarely happen, DAP’s actions in luring him and promising the post was very disrespectful.
Especially with DAP’s main principal in rejecting the Institution, the actions only shows that DAP only want to use him to raise Malay votes just so that they could again use him if the strategy works.
Perhaps many still want to deny this matter and claim that I am a racist and paranoid. But it is not wrong for us to be cautious considering that as of this moment, we still cannot guarantee that DAP would not pursue their agenda to eliminate Article 153, and Malay Royals, if PR wins the coming GE.
With PAS going weaker and PKR being too dependent to its ally, DAP might have the total power if PR leads this country. We could even see that today, only that it is not that obvious because the party needs to stay relevant in the political arena and Malaysians to win elections.
Thus, like what was mentioned above, DAP’s offer to Tunku Zain, it is just a strategy to win elections. That is it.
Malays should not take DAP’s main principal which goes with the slogan ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ lightly. Do know that the principal has never changed, it stays in the hearts of DAP supporters and leaders.
Thus, we should understand what is socialist and what is total equality and the impact to rakyat, religion and the country. Before understanding all of that, do not even think of defending DAP in this matter.
The Royals are our defence mechanism, if the Institution’s insulted with such manner with post even lower than his current status, should we keep on giving our full trust to DAP?

UMCEDEL Research: Why Chinese Prefer Anwar To Be PM?

UM Centre Of Democracy And Election (UMCEDEL) once again ran a survey regarding the election on December 26, 2012 until January 11, 2013 which involves 1409 respondents. Prior to that, they did the same survey involving 2282 respondents from March 31, 2012 – April 15, 2012 and 1536 respondents from September 1, 2012 – September 16, 2012.

UMCEDEL previously discovered that 50% chooses BN and 30% remain undecided. However, BN supporters did not really take the results seriously because they take UMCEDEL as same as Merdeka Center, a research centre which is led by foreign party and it cannot be trusted.

And with the background of UMCEDEL’s Director, Professor Datuk Dr. Mohammad Redzuan Othman, the former President if ABIM who is still loyal towards Anwar Ibrahim and seems open with the idea of liberalism. Besides that, Prof. Redzuan is also questioned regarding his credibility in handling political census considering that he is from the Faculty if History and Literature.

Thus, when he announced that the recent survey found that there is a decline in support towards BN, it is expected. It is just a standard strategy for Merdeka Center to show declining support as General Election comes closer to bring down BN’s moral, and it is UMCEDEL’s responsibility to do the same.

However, to be fair, we should have an open mind and accept the findings presented by UMCEDEL, which showed that 78% from 1409 respondents have their doubts on BN on issue of integrity and power abuse and from the 78%, 95% of the respondents are Chinese, showing signs that component party, MCA, will be facing a tough challenge in getting back their seats.

What is more interesting is that, NFC issue, Lynas and Deepak is also said to be a huge issue among rakyat and it could become a possible threat for BN.

While for the opposition, the issue which becomes priority for rakyat would be the internal conflict. However, it is surprising that only 59% takes it as the main issue, while 21% is not sure and another 20% do not care if their government often fight among one another.

Issues such as PTPTN, free tolls and reduce oil price shows that 50% respondents believe that opposition will be able to fulfil their promise. Thus, showing that Malaysians still fail to understand the logical explanation on the logic of managing the country’s and global economy to believe that the could do such a thing without having to suffer financial crisis in such short notice.

Whatever it is, if we are to consider that the 1409 respondents are the voice of rakyat, then one thing which we would have to look on would be the Chinese’s tendency to choose PRm or accepting Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister.

Support from the Chinese towards PR, or Anwar Ibrahim if true, is seen through the factor of PR’s characteristics which is liberal and that they are prepared to abolish the ‘Islamic State’ clause in the constitution as well as getting rid of Malay rights. Moreover, PR is also known to be supporting Christians activities as well as their openness towards LGBT group.

Even though PAS is supposed ‘balance’ things out on PR’s liberalism, everyone knows that PAS’s voice does not matter in the coalition. PAS cannot do anything other tha objecting the matter with their mouth, or their best, step on DAP’s flag. That is about it.

This is because PAs is scared if they are kicked out from PR.
The fact is, PAS cannot put their hope on PKR to help then defend Islam even though the party is led by Anwar Ibrahim, a Muslim Malay. Anwar is a pluralist, liberal and he is much more comfortable to be around Christian DAP than PAS.

We are not surprised why the Chinese chooses PR and we are not surprised if they are willing to take Anwar as their Prime Minister. Considering that all of Anwar’s secret is still in DAP’s hands, UMCEDEL’s survey findings may be credible after all.
However, the thing which might be in question would be their motive in supporting PR because we believe that the government’s integrity is not part of the issue. If that is the issue, then DAP’s integrity in terms of corruption and vote rigging is a lot worse, thing goes to PKR and PAS as well.

The conclusion, the Chinese choose to go with PR because PR is willing to sacrifice Islam and Malay rights. Malays chooses PR because they want to ‘get rid’ of corruption, even if they have to sacrifice Islam and their own race.

Harakahdaily Denied Defending Kalimah Allah

The issue of kalimah Allah has really put PAS in a tight conflict between religion and politics which is between Allah SWT with Tokong Lim DAP.

Mainstream media these days often publish report on objections made by PAS members against DAP through peaceful demonstration, and stomping on DAP’s flag. Some even demanded that PAS should get out of Pakatan Rakyat. Few of them include supporters from Penang and Kelantan.

With that, Ulama Council Chief as well as a few of PAS Ulama leaders made statements to oppose on the usage of kalimah Allah in the Bible. However, these Ulama were then criticized by DAP and PKR because they have previously agreed to the matter and any change of minds after that is just irrelevant.

This then brought them to a democratic decision where DAP and PKR won and PAS lost, even though PAS refuse to admit that.
With that, PAS top leadership took the decision to stay quiet. In short, PAS decided to not make any decisions.

This then raises question among rakyat. Until when would PAS supporters organize demonstrations to oppose DAP which does not lead to anything? What would they get from stomping on DAP’s flag?

Finally, Harakahdaily today gave their response through the statement of PAS Kelantan Youth Chief, Abdul Latif Abdul Rahman where he denied that those who were at the demonstration were members or supporters for PAS. He said, that is just UMNO’s gimmick to cause trouble between PAS-DAP. He said, it is the proof that UMNO is desperate.

According to him, PAS members respect the Syura Council’s decision and they would not have organized any demo and put they are blaming the Home Ministry as they are unable to handle the kalimah Allah issue even when it is under UMNO’s jurisdiction.
In other words, he accepts Syura Council’s decision that kalimah Allah cannot be usde by other religion but the decision only falls to PAS members, and at the same time, it is subjected to Pakatan Rakyat’s decision that members of DAP, PKR and those are are not PAS members, can use kalimah Allah in their religious books.

That is Pakatan Rakyat’s official decision which PAS leaders do not really know how to express, but Abdul Latif managed to explain all that to us.

Abdul Latif must have understand that as long as PAS is with PR, the party would have to obey to PR’s decision and PAs’s decision is just irrelevant.

That is why, If PR wins the coming election, we can expect that kalimah Allah can be used by other religion, freely.

If Abdul Latif denies this one as well, then he should explain where would this kalimah Allah issue stand if PR leads this country.


Deepak Jaikishan has again postponed his interview with MACC, second time in just a few days…despite his previous burning desire to tell all to MACC on his allegations about PM Najib and wife and what ever as being probabloy instructed by Anwar Ibrahim.

The only problem is Deepak, the carpet seller does not seem too keen to reveal to MACC despite his talks at press conferences or he just do not have the documentary evidences as he claimed.

Logically, if he has the docuements as he claimed and with the burningn desire as reflected in his interviews with the press, he woulod have run…not crawl…to MACC to proof to Malaysians he is not ‘playing politics or being made used of by Anwar and gang.’

But postponing the interview with MACC, which he himself made the appointment is something very mysterious, considering he claimed to have all the documents and proofs.

Talks have it that Deepak is being abandoned by Anwar and gang when he hit out at Rafizi Ramli because Ramli had taken ‘the limelight’ on the issue from him.

Now when MACC is willing to listen and investigate, the carpet seller stalled…giving excuses…something fishy is going on and wonder where the fish is.

So now the carpet seller is in deep trouble and it is not easy for him to wrangle his way out as Malaysians are waiting and his credibility is at stake…probably this is nothing to him but given what he had voiced out the past few weeks, he is actually not credible, just like PM Najib Tun Razak commented.

Deepak’s game, if it is a political game, affected Anwar and Pakatan as a whole and only thinking Malaysians know this, those who seek the truth on the matter, not the make-believe stories as told by Anwar and gang.

And many are now tired with claims and allegations made but no evidences…hard and solid…to backed the claims and allegations.

Thus, Anwar and gang are hard-pushed now to present evidences to all their allegations and claims…and in the meantime, all their games are being exposed one-by-one…as the saying goes…stark naked for people to see.

It is not easy now to influence people with just claims and allegations as voting Malaysians, even the young ones, are curious to the extent they want to see evidences…hard evidence…not just mere words.

Nusantara Seminar: What’s Next?

The paperwork presentation made during Nusantara Seminar on January 18 -20, should be taken as a guideline for all Muslim, especially Malaysians in facing challenges and obstacles.

As for the context on Malaysia, where Muslims are still looking for their identity and path, a presenter from Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Hj Ali Mustafa Yakub who presented the paper on “Purification of Thought and Development Among Indonesian Muslims”, is very interesting. Looking back at the history of Islam in Indonesia, he concluded that Islam does not fall on a particular race or Arabic culture and it does not fall on a fixed image. For example, Arabic style attire or the dome, that does not really define the symbol or mark of Islam, it is only based on the imagination and speculations based on the environment.

Putting a special ‘image’ on Islam could cause trouble where Muslims tend to make their own judgement on Islam. Islam is a religion that is suitable at any place or time. So, when Islam came to Java, it never really change any of Javanese’s its culture, image, nor structure. That is why the religion was easily accepted by Javanese because they do not have to make any drastic change in terms of their lives.

In short, the change is more of a spiritual change.

Taking note from the paperwork, Muslims in Malaysia should admit how we went a little overboard in focusing on the image of Islam instead of focusing the main picture of Islam. From there, Muslims began to judge one another which then leads to fights. And from there, people begin to idolize individuals based on their appearance up to a point where it seems very easy to become an Ulama, by just showing the image of Islam to public.

This issue was clearly brought out by a presenter from Malaysia, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Sidek Baba, a lecturer from UIA in his paperwork entitled “Islam in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Hope”. Accordding to Prof. Sidek, Malaysian Muslims are now under the threat of shallow mind as they focus more on image instead of knowledge. Today, the concept of dakwah in Malaysia is more of in form of criticism. From there, people began to has this prejudice against one another and they refuse to unite. A real preacher is suppose to convey the spirit of love, respect and union and they should not support the act of sentencing one another.

This concept was clearly explained by Ustaz Kamal Saidin in a separate session which is also a continuity from the seminar.

According to Ustaz Kamal, “These Ulama like to take over the work of Allah SWT (sentencing) instead of performing their real tasks”.

Because of these Ulama, Muslims today only focus on image because they are worried if they are criticized by the public even if their basic of Islam is still weak. In other words, they got busy perfecting their ‘image’ instead of doing any good deeds.

This issue has somehow led to another issue where the message of Islam do not get to places that matters. As those Ulama gets busy trying to ‘Islamise’ the country, the law and Muslims, they somehow missed other things such as Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak as well as Indigenous people from the Peninsular who are still yet to receive the message of Islam.

Few of the things which were exposed during the seminar include the discussion on how a few bumiputera were really interested to learn about Islam, but sadly, the Christians got to them first. Despite that, they never really give up on wanting to learn about Islam where they would send their kids to gain information about the religion through ceramah in schools etc. At the same time, the Christians would work hard to approach the group but there are no response from Islamic Ulama.

Thinking about how a few Muslims who brought the image of Islam can still fall under the trap of false Ulama, what about those who do not know much about Islam. Even if they do want to learn about Islam, they can easily be confused as kalimah Allah is being used by other religion.

Thus, the conclusion from the seminar has helped us to see the obstacles which are faced by Islam today. The answer towards solving all of the issues however, is still yet to to be found.

From there, the suggestion given by a Parliament Member from Cambodia, Tuan Haji Zakariyya Adam who is also a presenter on a paper entitled “Socio-Economic Development For Cambodian Muslims” in establishing the “Supreme Islamic Reference Centre” for the ASEAN region where all Ulama around the region would work together to handle the issue in an organized manner.

The conclusion, Nusantara Seminar was a success, but it would not change anything until further actions are taken