Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the most popular so-called ulamak of an Islamic party and the oldest in the country, has actually shamed Islam and learned Muslims when he termed those who took the BR1M as chickens or fowls.
Truly he reflected himself as a ‘sour politician’ rather than a learned Muslim given his shallow, bias and politically motivated mind in looking at the government’s aid to rakyat to ease their burden.
Nik Aziz, head of the ulamak who was, not not so cannot use the word is, respected even by some Umno grass roots, has now lost all credibility and respect when he shot his mouth without any basis of Islamic considerations.
Islam teaches its followers to appreciate all good things and all good acts by anyone to anyone regardless of race and religion without malaise and biasness, without questioning the ‘nawaitu’ or intentions of the doers.
The ‘nawaitu’ or intentions of the doers should be just leave it to ALLAH the Almighty to judge because HE is the One who will reward or punish – if one does good with good intention or ‘nawaitu’ then ALLAH will reward the doer with good things and if one does good with bad or evil intention, then ALLAH will punish the doer HIS way – ALLAH’s ways are strange.
For Nik Aziz to ridicule and worse still to liken the takes of good deed like BR1M as fowls being fed when needed, obviously he is not sincere and not truly religiously following Islam’s ways and thought.
As Muslims, on the surface value, we should appreciate Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s move to extend aid to lessen the rakyat’s burden in facing their daily needs and this act can be considered as Najib indirectly promoting the ‘welfare state’ that PAS is talking about.
What Najib is doing is just not cash aid of RM500 but also other aid such as aid for school going children, college and varsities students and many more, with the objective to lessen burdens.
Najib obviously does not know how many of those would vote for the ruling bBN coalition but he intention is clear…helping out the rakyat as a responsible government.
So Nik Aziz should not, by any account misjudge or passed out remarks that does not reflect the attitude of ‘bersyukur’ or thankful to ALLAH for opening up Najib’s heart and mind to share the country’s wealth directly with the rakyat that lessens their financial burden.
Islam does not want its followers to misjudge other’s ‘nawaitu’ or intentions with malice and biasness because that is ALLAH’s work as HE is The ALL KNOWING WHO KNOWS in and out of a human HE created.
Nik Aziz should as ulamak at the very least extend gratitude or ‘tahnkful to ALLAH’ for Najib’s good acts.
No wonder PAS members who are knowledgeable in Islam accepted the BRIM in good faith, and obviously Nik Aziz is angry because he is a politician, not an ulamak that should be respect


Why Is Deepak Still Single?

In Deepak Jaikishan’s latest ‘bombshell’ to end what SUARAM had failed to do, that is to ‘link the Prime Minister and wife to the murder of Altantuya, a Mongolian model alleged to be an ‘interpreter’ for the overall transactions of the purchase of the so-called ‘scandalous’ scorpene submarines which was totally done in English language’, he made shocking revelation on Razak Baginda, a former political analyst who was dismissed as a prime suspect in the murder case, as being sexually impotent.

Baginda was suspected to have had secret affair with the late model but no proof was presented to the court to confirm the story.

Bringing up Baginda’s name and humiliate him with such allegation must have seemed to Deepak as a necessary thing to do as it would be the only convincing excuse to link the deceased to the Prime Minister, and totally removes Baginda from the picture.

In all the gusto, Deepak must have forgotten the fact that Baginda is a married man with a daughter. Of course, Deepak could easily shrug the fact off by saying that it is only recently that Baginda has suffered the problem, since the daughter was born in 1987.

But, this would lead us not to a conclusion or an answer or a proof of Deepak’s allegation, but only to further vagueness. Words can’t proof anything and as far as we know, Baginda has proven that there ain’t any problem with his manhood and he has a daughter to proof it.

For Deepak to suddenly surface with this story after all the fuss in court regarding some bad business dealings was settled, only convince us even further that there is something more that Deepak is after. Or else, why would Deepak pick up the pieces from SUARAM and go down the same route of the imaginary scandal and all?

However, there are comments from observers of Deepak’s case in court that may give us some answers. Many claimed that Deepak seemed stressed out, lost, uncomfortable, even hesitant at times as the trial went on. Some even suspected him of having lost his mind for having lost a huge amount of money in quite many bad dealings.

But looking at Deepak closely, I mean really closely, we may understand where did the whole allegation of sexually impotent came from.

Deepak Jaikishan a/l Jaikishan Rewachand is 40 years old. Until recently, he is described to be very successful, coming from a family “pioneering” in property development and investment. It is reported that under his leadership, both his Carpet Raya Sdn Bhd and Tek Holding Sdn Bhd (the property development and investment company), chalked billions. Bursa Malaysia notes that from 2000 to 2009, Deepak had completed property investment projects totalling about RM3 billion.

In the carpet manufacturing field, he initiated and successfully acquired the largest manufacturing plant in Malaysia known as Noble Carpet Sdn Bhd.

In the year 2000, this manufacturing unit was said to be the only one that produced its own carpet yarn. In 2003 he set up the biggest manufacturing plant (Premier Weavers) with the latest weaving technology in Malaysia. He has been in the carpet business for 15 years.

With all these soaring success, there is only one thing missing in Deepak’s life that is: a woman. Deepak is a single, successful man. In other words, Deepak is alone, no woman, no wife, no kids, no family, no nothing, but money. Oh well, the last one can be debated.

It only makes sense that the only one with ‘manhood’ problem is Deepak himself, not Baginda. Accusing Baginda of having such problem may be a form of ‘denial’ of his own inability which is a common psychiatric response for a man who has long been suffering the condition. This could lead to a depression, even mental problem.

If so, this wouldn’t be the first time the Oppositions hiring a mentally-problematic man to tell all the tales for them. Raja Petra Kamaruddin, believed to be the original script-writer of all these murder-bribery scandal drama, was also diagnosed with mental problem in his teens. But Raja Petra had since last year, made a U-turn on the road where Deepak is now strolling.

But then, there is also another explaination for a 40 year old successful man to stay single, that is, he is not interested in getting married, or in other words, he is not interested in women or in a simpler way to put it, Deepak is a gay.

What a co-incidence that the Oppositions too, are not strange in hiring gays to do all sorts of work for them. Which, reminds us of Judge V.T. Singham who is known to be very pro-opposition and in many cases had made obvious biased decisions in favour of the oppositions. And just like Deepak, the Judge is also around the same age, and very successful and very single.


PAS leaders are now buying time before making a ‘do or die’ battle in the coming general election – meaning go alone or with the opposition pact.
Threading carefully on a tightrope – not to antagonize partner DAP and PKR while trying hard to comfort the rising anger of party members – PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was given no choice but to pacify members by putting up a stand.
Simple as it might seem, the stand actually sent ‘shivers’ to other Pakatan leaders because PAS, despite being fundamentalists and orthodox in many ways, still attracts Muslims of all ages.
Compare PAS with PKR, PAS has more support and real members who are loyal and obsessed while PKR is presently shaky with many ‘jump ships’ given the dwindling credibility of Anwar Ibrahim.
While PAS members at grass root level are speaking out loud against the party leadership for ignoring or sidelining the Syura Council on the use of word ALLAH, PKR and Anwar do not even have any qualms in going along with DAP on the issue.
In fact, Anwar’s statement in Sabah where he ran down PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Abdul Hadi had affect the already sour relationship between the two parties and this does not augurs well for their ‘political relationship’.
DAP Karpal Singh had come out with statement to ‘cool down the rising temperature’ by saying all parties in the opposition pact were working well and agreed on most major matters except few small matters.
That was Karpal’s statement, a PR piece for public consumption when he himself knows that the opposition pact is like a boat being struck by huge waves and at the verge of collapsing.
The political relationship is very volatile at present and with the general election nearing, Karpal tries hard to make the political relationship work stronger but the circumstances right now are inevitable.
Issues involved are not superficial but they touched on fundamentals especially with PAS as they involved the party’s ideology on Islam, the most important element the party claimed has been struggling for.
Abdul Hadi has no choice as the pressure from party members may have tremendous backlash on the party, so he stressed that PAS would have no qualms to break off from the opposition pact if the partners did not respect PAS’ ideology.
This simply means PAS may just break off because the party members and supporters are getting restless with Anwar’s statement that did not reflect any respect for PAS or the party leaders.
Worse when he and Karpal still insist on Abdul Hadi to get the Syura Council to ‘toe the line’ of Pakatan’s so called ‘wisdom just to win the votes’, regardless of whether the means to the end are right or wrong or haram or halal.
Given such scenario, it is best that PAS leaders take the decision to split from the pact than being ridiculed, shamed and under pressure from loyal members and supporters.


Now the opposition plays up the shouts of “NO” that echoed during Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s visit to Penang recently, the shouts by just one corner of some 80,000 audiences.
Planted to boo Najib at the right time, the oppositions are now shouting that Penangites rejected Najib, the same old psychological tactics they play with Bersih and other NGOs shouting ‘foul’ on all matters and issues.
To the oppositions, a hundred voice planted can be played up into the minds of millions and lies will be perceived as truths, the same strategy they have been using since 2008 general election.
However, they miscalculated this time because the planted group was located among the 80,000 audience that came for the CNY bash that Najib attended where Korean Psy performed his famous Gangnam dance.
So, playing up the purported ‘BIG NO’ just do not go down well with the remaining 80,000-odd audience as they knew the group that shouted ‘NO’ was staged and planted.
At the same time, DAP which is chauvinistic and racist had also, the similar tactics used, got a young man to show obscene finger sing to the Queen, with of course, the excuse that the man was showing that sign to his father who dropped him off at the airport following an argument.
Believe it or not, the oppositions are under tremendous pressure to stay afloat as voters keep distancing themselves from the three parties which are now ‘fighting each other’ for votes.
DAP, PAS and PKR do not look happy – honeymoon is over – as people said and each party is now struggling to find whatever ‘edge’ to influence the voters who have seen their true colours the past four years.
Arrogance, the attitude or character that always emerge when one is successful and forgets one’s roots, is now hanging on the heads of all the leaders of the opposition parties as they scramble with each other to make their individual party stands out better than the others.
They do not have the spirit of camaraderie…as each wants to call the shots and do not want to play second fiddle to each other.
DAP is strengthening its influence among Chinese Christians as they move along the racial and religious lines to retain Penang, a state the party would not want to lose as it is the party’s symbol of success, just like the man who showed the obscene sign to the Queen said: “Penang Cina punya.”
But given the pressure they are in and the political approaches the party had made so far in the state, the situation is ‘touch-n-go’, it can swing either way which means that DAP under Lim Guan Eng has screwed up to strengthen ‘its hold’ on the state.
It has antagonized PAS with the word ALLAH issue, anatagonised the Malays with its central committee party election and how antagonized Penangites planting the booing group during CNY do with Prime Minister and having the man to stage a lone protests to see the reactions of Malaysians, particularly the Penang Chinese.


Sewaktu rombongan DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong berada di Terminal Perlepasan LTAB Bayan Lepas, seorang lelaki Cina – LEONG PEI KOE telah menunjukkan ISYARAT LUCAH kepada kenderaan DYMM RAJA PERMAISURI AGONG. ASP Mohd Fakharuddin – Pengawal Pengiring telah merapatinya utk memberikan amaran yang dia boleh ditahan di bawah Seksyen 294 (a) KK. Bagaimanapun, lelaki Cina itu mencabar menangkapnya dan berkata “di Pulau Pinang, POLIS MELAYU TIDAK ADA KUASA kerana Pulau Pinang adalah HAK MILIK CINA” sambil terus memberikan ISYARAT LUCAH!

Nama: LEONG PEI KOE. Alamat: C18-18-9, Serina Bay, Sungai Pinang, Pulau Pinang. No. Kad Pengenalan: 840718-10-5015 Umur: 29 tahun Kerja: Quality Surveyor di sebuah kilang di Singapura Pendidikan: Bsc Degree Building Economic and QS di Heriot Walt University Scotland UK.