No Moral Ground to Preach About Integrity

Media local and abroad have gone to town slamming countries that are regarded as most corrupt in recent survey by Ernst & Young reported in Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013.

Most disheartening ly, local media does not seem to have done their homework before writing those reports, some of which were headlined Malaysia one of the most corrupt nations, survey shows or Asia weakest against business fraud,

Malaysian firms ready to cut corners. Realistically, the survey is highly flawed and it is shocking those governments and citizens of countries implicated have not taken umbrage to this highly flawed unreliable and unrepresentative report.  Just because an accounting firm released the report does not mean the results are conclusive or valid. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Researchers who conduct any research are often motivated by external factors, such as the desire to be published, advance their careers, receive funding, or seek certain results.

Questionable Research Methodology
Sample Size

Commissioned by EY and carried out by  Asia Risk, The Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey only polled 681 executives, senior managers and working level employees from March to May 2013 across  the Asia-Pacific area including Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. 

The sample size for Malaysia (page 25) was only 103 executives. Can the views of 103 executives be representative of the integrity level of the business environment? How powerful, accurate, and reliable are the views of these elite 103 executives for the report to allege:
… bribery and corrupt practices are prevalent in Malaysia. Thirty-nine percent of respondents say that bribery or corrupt practices happen widely in Malaysia, which is nearly double the Asia-Pacific average of 21%. In addition, 29% of respondents say that bribery or corrupt practices have increased due to tough economic times and increased competition, which is the third highest amongst the countries surveyed.

How can such a minute sample of 103 out of a total population of 29.24 million is only 0.0003522571% of the population give Ernst and Young the audacious right to claim the right and authority to sermonize about corruption levels in Malaysia?
Sampling Method

The report makes no mention of the sampling method used to obtain the size of 108 executives. How or why did they select those 103 executives? 

All that is disclosed is that “the polling sample was designed to elicit the views of staff with responsibility for tackling fraud, bribery and compliance matters at multinational corporations, domestic companies and state-owned enterprises across sectors including Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Technology, Private Equity, Retail, Hospitality, and Mining & Minerals.

The phrase “the polling sample was designed to elicit the views of staff” undermines the reliability of the miniscule survey because it is a clear declaration that the sampling is flawed from the onset because it was highly probable that it was purposeful sampling designed to reap the intended findings.

Whenever possible, reliable studies MUST use random samples, utilize appropriate sample sizes, avoid biases, and must be conducted by researchers who remain objective and uninfluenced by funding or the desire to seek certain results. Randomization in sampling is critical to ensuring the validity of research. Is this evident in this highly biased research?

Who cares what Ernst and Young says when the report cited:

21% of respondents indicate they are not confident with the company’s existing internal procedures to detect fraud. Only a small portion of those polled considers tools other than the established methods. For example, only 12% of the respondents said that the use of technology, such as forensic technology, is a good method of detecting fraud.

Who doesn’t know a research finding is less likely to be true when the studies conducted in a field are smaller? Can there be representativeness when unreliability implies greater financial, other interest and prejudice or when the researchers are deliberately out on a chase of statistical significance as in this case?
Research Bias

This Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013 oozes with research bias from start to finish. We can see how the combination of various design, data, analysis, and presentation factors have been manipulated to produce research findings when they should not be produced in the first place.  Look at the methodology and analysis or reporting of findings. Clearly, the report displays selective or distorted reporting which is a typical form of such bias. 
Research Instrument

The report does not disclose the research instrument used. All we can deduce is that the researcher asked the respondents for their “opinions on what efforts are being taken successfully to mitigate those risks. All participants of our survey are employed at corporations with a turnover in excess of USD500 million equivalent and the industries covered range from industrial to financial services, from retail to natural resources.”

Was this done via administered or unadministered questionnaires? Alternatively, was it via structured or unstructured interviews? Were the questions open-ended or closed-ended? Each type has its own advantages and limitations. As it stands, we have no idea whatsoever as to how the survey was conducted.
As if to insult our intelligence, all that is disclosed is the following information (page 25) IF it is meaningful to anyone:



Sun Tzu quoted, “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill”. This is so true. A dictator never invents their own opportunities. Stand up and make your choices as one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

In this chapter, I will continue writing about the lies and deception after they make the announcement on the outcome of the meeting.

In addition to making announcements on the counting computer error, victory of Zairil and dropped of Vincent Wu, in the same press conference on 4th. January 2013, Tony Pua also announced that the first meeting of the CEC on 16th. September 2012 is valid. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

This is what I meant by Tony Pua who invites a huge disaster and will lead to the destruction of DAP. The same action as the HIV virus injected into the body (DAP) and the body (DAP) are now mired with AIDS disease and at any time soon to be dead. Dialectic thought is an attempt to break through the coercion of logic by its own means.

The first CEC meeting held on 16th. December 2012 was attended by Vincent Wu. During that meeting, the CEC meeting members make the decision to appoint National Chairman, Secretary General, Chairman of the Discipline and other position.

With Vincent Wu was dropped from the list, the first CEC meeting was illegal because Vincent Wu also involved in the decision-making during the meeting. When this meeting is not valid then the appointment of the top party leader is also not valid. Till now Lim Guan Eng position as Secretary General is not valid. When Lim Guan Eng position is not valid, this is what I meant by it will lead to the destruction of the DAP. When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, they should adjust the action steps.

A total of 40 members of the DAP who lost their patience with lies upon lies and the deception done by Lim Guan Eng, Tony Pua and Anthony Loke has acted to make an official complaint to the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS) on 14th. January 2013. Complaints made in respect of DAP action failed to give sufficient time on the notice for the meeting in accordance with the constitution, illegal delegates and events to manipulate the vote. When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

Based on 1966 Organizations Act, all registered organizations are required to submit their annual reports to the ROS within 60 days after the annual meeting. When 40 members of the DAP make the complaints to ROS on 14th. January 2013, DAP has yet to submit the report to ROS.

DAP finally send their reports to the ROS a week before the 60 days given time expired which on 8th. February 2013. Reports submitted was incomplete and not being attached with the minutes of  first CEC meeting which was attended by Vincent Wu. Where in the meeting, Vincent Wu was directly involved on selecting the party’s top leadership, including choosing Lim Guan Eng as the Secretary General.

Where is the transparency and integrity which always propagated by Lim Dynasty all this while during reigning power in DAP when they submit a false report to the ROS? Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as to think.

Why do they act such ways and what Lim Guan Eng trying to do? I will explain it on the next chapter.

UMNO Vs PKR: Who is losing their edge?  

PKR Deputy President, N Surendran was urged to look into a mirror before making such claim regarding UMNO. He made a statement saying that UMNO has lost their edge and the lack of credible leaders seems reflecting to him and his own PKR party.
Surendran said that in the current BN condition, after suffering a significant decline on the amount of votes and failed to recapture Selangor in the last 13th General Election, UMNO seems to be in a daze as they are heading towards a much more humiliating defeat in the next general election. More over when everyone in UMNO are refusing to admit that the weakness comes because of their inability to challenge the top post in UMNO today.
According to Surendran, this is the prove that UMNO is lacking credible leaders to replace the weak leadership of the current administration.
Surendran forgets that BN maybe in its worst state in the GE ever, but for UMNO, the increase of votes is certainly something worth noting. Thus, it is not fair to put the blame on what had happened in the last General Election is because of UMNO leaders. What is happening in the last PRU, is because of the racial slurs that is played too often by irresponsible parties which made 100% of the Chinese opposes Barisan Nasional.
As the leader of all of BN component parties, an UMNO leader holds dearly in the spirit of friendship and responsibility to safeguard the harmony of the people. Because of that, UMNO leaders cannot promise any special treatment with any race without taking into account the benefits of the other.
However, this is what the opposition are promising the country, the Chinese Supremacy for Chinese community, without taking into consideration the effect to this country and its diverse races. It is not shocking to see if almost all of the Chinese voted for the opposition in the last general election.
            The truth is, any promise that has been brought on the table by the opposition is irresponsible because it only move us towards instability and maybe even destruction.
For Pakatan Rakyat leaders, to promise something that will eventually bring destruction to the nation, and this proves they are not even good citizen how come they can be a good leader of this country. PR also does not have a new generation of leaders that they can hope for in the future. All of PR members are copycats of their predecessor.
PR is actually having problems regarding the extinction of good leaders. The problem starts from the extreme nepotism that they practice. Father, mother, sons, daughters, in-laws and close friends are those who are eligible to gain access to high position in both of the parties. The results, Pakatan Rakyat are not moving forward and they cannot change even if they have existed a few decades now.
            Different from UMNO, a leader come and goes. Leaders can be criticized by any of their members. Some were prosecuted and some were found guilty. Plus when there are party leaders who looks weak, even though at the helm of the party, is not excluded from being forced to leave their post.
            This only happens because UMNO is strong enough so that the leadership can be changed anytime. It also proves that UMNO never had any problem to find a successor.
The same thing cannot be seen in Pakatan Rakyat. PKR is not the same without Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will be hollowed without or PAS with the absence of Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang. In short, these parties cannot change without destroying their identities.
Thus, the lack of new leaders is suffered by Pakatan Rakyat and not UMNO. Surendran must look into the mirror first before telling lies to the people of Malaysia.

Foreign Bank Account: Why Anwar refuse to defend himself?  

Maybe there are people who say that to challenge Anwar to answer the existence of 20 mystery bank accounts with hundreds of millions of ringgit is a waste of time. It is said that Anwar’s financial standings does not have anything to do with the country or its people. In fact they say that it is all a lie to bad name Anwar and his family.
Yes, to ask a person how much he or she has on their bank accounts are not relevant. But, we have to remember that Anwar is not just another tom, dick and harry, he is the Opposition Leader of Malaysia and his job is to slander the government and the leaders of this nation. He is keen on saying that the leaders of this country are wealthy and corrupted.
Anwar loves to show the world that he live a modest life where his wife and children’s are shown only wearing modest clothing without any accessories when they attend big events.
 With that, his supporters always compare Anwar Ibrahim with the families of UMNO leaders and create a perception that UMNO leaders are spendthrift and abuse the money of the people.
But then again, Anwar’s supporters seems to forget from where did he get the funding to appoint an army of lawyers to defend him in all of his court cases all this while. Plus, one of the lawyers he appointed were the one who accuse him of sodomy but now changed sides and defended him. Just imagine the irony! How many millions does it takes to change a man to jump ship like that?
As far as we know, Anwar paid the lawyer the amount of RM 50 million. Not only his legal fees are astounding, his way of life is also something to ponder about. He lives a lavish life that even the leader of this country could not afford. We all know how Anwar goes in and out of the country, stay in luxury hotels with accommodation fees up to thousands of ringgit per night. He also has at least 7 personal bodyguards. Not forgetting his driver and personal assistants for him and his families.
The problem is, Anwar is not a corporate leader or a business tycoon that has that kind of money. He is also not the Leader of the country that is eligible to have all the necessities and it will be paid by the government.
Thus, JMM’s pressure so that Anwar will allow his account to be exposed is a must. JMM do not want to hassle Anwar and they are willing to follow anywhere Anwar will go as long as he is willing to sign the release form from the Bank Negara to allow that his account to be exposed.
Sadly, Anwar is still keeping his mouth shut. Seems that Anwar is not interested to look into this matter, and all of his supporters refuse to listen to any facts given by JMM or any other party in this particular issue.
Maybe, for Anwar supporters, only BN leaders have to show their accounts to the public and not Pakatan Rakyat leaders as they can receive any funding from any source. If Anwar Ibrahim’s money came from the dark alley or from the blood of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan they will not care at all. Because of that Anwar will keep quite because all of his supporters is a bunch of idiots who do not know they are being fooled by Anwar Ibrahim.


The ‘cat is out of the box’ now which means the ‘marriage of convenience’ between parties in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) may see a ‘divorce which may be permanent’.

When PAS Ulamak Council chief Datuk Harun Taib advised party members not to participate in the Black Out 505 rally as the party accepted the May 5 general election result with an open heart, little did party deputy president Mohamed Sabu or Mat Sabu and vice-president Datuk Husam Musa see the issue would ‘take a long term effect on their positions in the party.’

Despite Husam and Mat Sabu success in getting the party leaderships’ agreement to allow members to participate in the rally’s grand finale event at Padang Merbok in June which was a ‘failure’ as the rally did not even get the one million target participants, Harun has started the ball rolling to ‘purge’ the party of outside or rather Anwar Ibrahim’s influence or supporters.

The party Ulamak Council had proposed a review of the party political relationship specifically with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) following several matters that could weaken and damage that relationship.

A main topic in the speech at the opening of the Ulamak Convention of Malaysia by Harun himself at the Ulamak Convention of Malaysia organized by PAS at Alor Setar onm Saturday, he said a special committee should be set up to study and evaluate the erosion of Malay voters in PAS as a result of the political relationship.

“The changing, scrambling and giving away potential PAS winning seats to PKR was one of the main factors that needed studying,” he said.

Harun and several leaders in the party youth wing have been against the close political co-operation with PKR ever since the three political parties had a ‘marriage’ before the 2008 general election aimed at unseating the Barisan Nasional (BN) government from Putrajaya.

The recent May 5 general election also saw the party support dwindled from 23 parliamenatry seats to 21 and lost Kedah which the party grabbed in 2008 general election.

PAS veteran fundamentalists who are friends to Anwar know Anwar’s aim and they also know who are Anwar’s ‘men’ in the party leadership line-up and they know what they are in for.

They went along with the ‘marriage’ at that time as all the three parties have the same goal but the events leading to May 5 general election and the aftermath have cause the party grassroots, the Ulamaks and the youth wing members ‘jittery’ and uneasy.

Issues such as the use of word Kalimah Allah, the Black Out 505 issue, the surprise ‘Chinese tsunami’ saw the party ‘derailing’ from its path of setting up an Islamic state and implementing the Hudud Laws.

In fact, the veteran fundamentalists also saw their leadership style being threatened as the leaders aligned to Anwar managed to place themselves in the leadership line-up right up to the party deputy presidency.

And they saw the ‘damaged done’ such as the displacement of Nasharuddin Mat Isa who was a fundamentalist despite being young and intellectual but not aligned to Anwar and Datuk Hassan Ali, who was expelled for being vocal against Anwar.

Harun’s proposal, like it or not, is expected to take centre stage in the November party assembly and it may see the purging of liberals aligned to Anwar from the leadership line-up.


PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat has spoken and he spoke his mind – his true mind – about what kind of attributes in the leaders to lead the party.
Going by his words, the liberals who are aligned to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will now have to work harder to grab the leadership or ‘lie low’ for one more term before making the ‘hit’.

Nik Aziz had said he wanted to see ulamaks leading the party and in particular ulamak as the deputy president so that the party could achieve its objectives of an Islamic nation.

Nik Aziz, whom many thought had ‘sold himself’ to the liberals since he has been following Salor assemblyman Datuk Husam Musa’s advises with regards to the relationship with parties in Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

With Nik Aziz’s latest statement which normally party members take it as a directive – at times even edict to those who idolize him – the liberals and in particular deputy president Datuk Mohamed Sabu or Mat Sabu are getting jittery.

Short of saying Mat Sabu is not in the ulamak category, Nik Aziz statement looked as though he has his ‘senses back’, of course after the party did not perform better after the ‘marriage of convenience and playing second fiddle’ in the opposition alliance.
With the party election looming and to be held in November, the liberals now find its ‘goal to become the majority in the leadership line-up’ getting tougher as the path gets rougher.

Mat Sabu managed to oust then incumbent Nasahruddin Mat Isa in 2009 with the help of ‘his liberals supporters’ but this time around, the tide has changed with Nik Aziz’s statement and the support of Ulamak Council for religious people to fill the leadership line-up.

Added to this is the party youth wing’s outbursts on Anwar’s overture to Barisan Nasional (BN) particularly Prime Minister Datuk seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak for a dialogue on co-operation.
Nasaruddin was ousted for bridging the ‘enmity’ between Umno and PAS and now, from nowhere, Anwar extent an olive branch to Najib, which had the PAS youth wing ‘doubting Anwar motive’.

Given such background currently surrounding the party, the coming PAS poll seems to be exciting and may probably see the party charting a new path to its old objective.

States Can Act Against Preachers Of Syiah Teachings, Says Shahidan

All state governments can act against preachers of Syiah teachings without waiting for a new law to be drawn up in tackling the problem.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said the existing syariah law of the respective states was adequate to charge those guilty of the offence in the Syariah Court.

“The law is already there in every state, it’s just that immediate action is not taken,” he told reporters after visiting the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency’s District 10 office in Tok Bali, here, today.

Shahidan was asked whether there was a need for a new law to be formulated  to check the worrying spread of Syiah teachings in this country.

He said all Islamic religious matters came under the jurisdiction of the respective state governments which could take appropriate action.

“This includes charging those without a permit from the state Islamic Religious Department to teach religion,” he said, adding that what needed to be emphasised now was enforcement of the relevant syariah law.