CEC DAP Crisis: Proof That Chinese Are Afraid To Fight Fairly.

The CEC DAP re-election is bashed with another controversy when many of their delegates are not given proper notice for the pre re-election meeting, and they have not yet received any notice for the re-election itself.

Astonishingly, DAP leadership stated that there are 500 people who had received the notice and sent a letter to the DAP HQ saying that they will not attend the re-election. All the delegates denied sending any letters to the DAP HQ.

As if it could not be worst, there are 547 “illegal delegates” majority are from Penang, are involved in the early votes. They are brought to the CEC committee meeting to ensure the win for a certain individual in the party.

Ironically, when all of this happens in the DAP, a party that supposed to be a champion of justice, meritocracy and equality, and most of all they took pride as a party who do not believe in racial politics.

What happened is that the DAP is acting against each and every principal of the organization.

We all know that the main issue between the DAP and the Barisan Nasional all this while is because the DAP allegation of BN that is led by UMNO to discriminate the non-bumiputra races. As if uMNO is giving too much to the bumi’s up to the extent giving it to those who are unworthy in university and governmental post.

They are saying that many of the non-bumi’s are better and much more qualified but being left out because of UMNO policy.

They are even saying that the non-bumis are far more intelligent and superior than the Malays.

All of this are seared in the hearts of every DAP members and it is instil in vernacular school and also Chinese media thus enforcing the feeling of hatred to the Malays and arrogance in almost all of the Chinese community in Malaysia. The proof is that we can see it in the last 13th general election where all of the Chinese refused to vote for BN and chose DAP.

If asked why did they chose DAP, obviously they will say that there are no racism in the DAP, and the DAP focus on justice and holds to the meritocracy.

However it has been said earlier, the CEC crisis has already proves how hypocrites the Chinese are. In the midst of chanting meritocracy, justice and equality, they are actually afraid to compete transparently. If they see that their race cannot win the seat, they will lie, manipulate and extort to ensure that their race will be at the top.

All of those who have worked in a private company agree that the same tactics were used by the Chinese in their work and business pale. It has been known by all how groceries store or supermarkets that is controlled by the Chinese will discriminate the product made by a bumi company in many ways.

If they become the wholesalers, they will not give equal credit terms with Malays as the same as their race. There are cases where Chinese business holders tried their best to destroy other races businesses so that it can be taken over by Chinese business men.

They usually give higher rent rates to other races. Even in the education field especially additional education such as arts and music, that is currently being controlled by the Chines, there are a few cases where Chinese teachers explicitly gives wrong information or incomplete syllabus so that none of the other races can defeat the Chinese.

All of this proves that the Chinese are still afraid with competition according to meritocracy and it is nothing but lies. Even if true meritocracy is being done, they will still find a way to manipulate and cheat as what is being done by the DAP in the CEC.

The question is, when the Chinese are going to stop being hypocrite?

Does the Chinese are willing to be ruled by a lying party as long as it is led by their own people? Is this what they are fighting for?


Author: bintangku

blogger sopo

One thought on “CEC DAP Crisis: Proof That Chinese Are Afraid To Fight Fairly.”

  1. astute observation… BN with its kind policies has brought about the birth of big headed Chinese… BN should have earlier poison the weeds before it spoils the growth of this beautiful nation of ours…

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