CEC DAP Re-Election : Proof That DAP Is Patronizing Sabahan Chinese

Even though Barisan Nasional (BN) is always battered for using a racist system through component parties, however this particular system is to ensure everyone will not be left out because they have they can voice out the problems of their race without being discriminated.
DAP on the other hand proudly declare that they are a multiracial party and has been proven not only to left out but also abuse those who are not of Chinese decent in many ways even in the CEC re-election that has been marred by a lot of controversy. What more proof do we need?
In the DAP, not only other races is barred from any chances of getting to the top post, but Sabahan Chinese is being left out and considered as a second class Chinese compared to the peninsular Malaysia Chinese. For example, there is no Sabahan Chinese in the CEC election.
In the same time, the DAP is trying its best to take over Sabah and Sarawak while threatening BN by saying that BN did not serve in the best interest of the Sabahan and Sarawakian. According to Lim Kit Siang, the party will give special attention to the people of Sabah to ensure that the state will be taken away from BN in the next 14th General Election.
            Even though they are ambitious to take Sabah, in the CEC election there are no Sabah candidates. As a consolation, DAP appointed a representative from Sabah to act as a committee member to show that the party is fair and just. Dr Edwin Bosi is the only representative from Sabah in the CEC DAP election.
            Before this, the DAP is organizing an “adoption” program for targeted areas in Sabah where a group of Parliament Members and State Rep is appointed as supervisors to ensure their victory in the 14th General Election.  
            It is clear that the DAP is really trying to take over Sabah, however because of their “iron fisted” unwritten poicy, DAP leadership is reluctant in giving any powers to any Sabah representative.
            The people of Sabah should realize from what is happening and learn to evaluate their relation with the DAP with and open mind. DAP without even a drop of conscience feels no pity or remorse, refused to change. Even though the CEC election continues with the existence of fraud, manipulation and discrimination, DAP is still continuing their dark legacy since the dawn of Merdeka.
Furthermore, the DAP has the guts to call a Chinese man as a representative of the Malay race.
For the people of Sabah, don’t ever forget that the DAP has already lied and oppress the Malays and Indians of Penang. The DAP discriminate and abuse their own party member who are from the Malay and Indian ethnic group in the DAP CEC election. Plus, the DAP has already abandoned their own Chinese people of Sabah and it is for sure that the DAP has no place for the non-Chinese locals from Sabah.


Author: bintangku

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