Karl Weigang back to Perak

The Perak Football Association (PAFA) have asked former national team coach Karl Heinz Weigang for help to save The Bos Gaurus’ squad, who are currently tenth in the league.

PAFA have given a number of chances to Syamsul Saad, who has just accumulated two wins out of twelve league games and expect the experienced German head coach to take over.

Syamsul Saad’s season hit its all-time low after succumbing to a 3-0 defeat at home to fellow strugglers Sarawak. The fans also felt that the 4-3 loss on aggregate to Malaysia Premier League (MPL) side PKNS FC in the FA Cup semi-final was more than enough to take.

There have been reports suggesting the ex-Perak and Johor head coach is in Ipoh to finalize the agreement with the management and the deal is expected to be announced this week.

“We have gotten the green light from the government to sign him (Weigang) and an announcement will be made in due time,” a source said as quoted by Berita Harian.

Karl Heinz Weigang won the prestigious Malaysia Cup trophy with Perak in 1998 and also guided the national team to a historic qualification into the Olympic Games back in 1980.


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