It is expected that this project would rank as among the most challenging engineering and construction projects in Malaysia to date.


11. We also note that the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) had conducted a market sensing exercise through an open Request for Information (RFI) in March of this year which received responses from 27 groups from 5 different countries including from Korea, China, Australia, USA and Europe.


Through this exercise, the technical specifications and the indicative costs were determined.


12.  The eastern corridor of peninsular Malaysia has traditionally lagged behind the west coast. Due to this, the ECRL project will have a larger economic multiplier effect that will accelerate economic growth and give greater spill over effects to Malaysia.


The ECRL has a big potential to unlock value for cities along the alignment, boosting tourism and industrial activities.


A rail link which will finally connect ports on the east coast with Malaysia’s largest port in Port Klang on the west coast will be a game-changer and offer unique logistic and transportation advantages. This is the vision of the Prime Minister for the rakyat in the east coast states of peninsular Malaysia.


Development of these new growth areas in Malaysia’s eastern corridor will help increase income levels and uplift the standard of living in these areas in order to narrow the development gap with the western corridor of peninsular Malaysia.


13.The ECRL project will act as stimulus for the construction sector and when completed, it will form part of the Pan-Asia railway network that will boost connectivity with ASEAN, Asian and European countries that will greatly boost international trade for Malaysia.


Our studies show that this ECRL project will contribute as much as an additional 1.5% GDP annual growth on average to the East Coast Region over the next 50 years where the main beneficiaries would be the rural and semi-rural rakyat of the East coast states.


14. Due to its many economic and development benefits, the government will ensure that this project will be successfully implemented as one of the key initiatives by the Prime Minister towards a balanced, developed, and high-income Malaysia.





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