Reason for Trump’s victory

Telugu guy Avinash Iragavarapu. 30 yr old on an H4 visa from West Godavari Andhra Pradesh. He’s from IIM lucknow, did data analytics and crunched the numbers. 

He did his research on every state and found out what words people like to hear in each state. 

Based on his research, Trump’s speeches were written and executed.

 He’s one of the four people Trump took with him while campaigning for nomination.

 He moved to the US in June 2014 to visit his wife who was a student at that time. He found a roadside placard in Chandler and helped the local Republican mayor with his ideas to victory. 

He quickly moved up the ranks within the GOP and Avinash currently holds the position of Sr.Executive Director for the GOP. Avinash is expected to get citizenship by approval from Trump immediately and a position of Arizona senator”

Here is the link where Avinash tells TV9 why Trump won and why Hilary lost:


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