Why the Opposition is Against the Public Transport Transformation

1. The attacks against the Public Transport services by PKR MP Rafizi Ramli is nothing more than to undermine the Public’s confidence towards these successful initiatives.

2. It is no secret that Klang Valley needed to transform and upgrade its Public Transport services in order to become a first world city. So when the government decided in 2010 to initiate on improving Public Transport the Opposition, whom are deemed to dominate urban voters, got scared and planned to run it down at all costs.

3. The Opposition began their Anti-Public Transport initiative in 2010 itself, leading many Resident Associations (RA) to protest any Public Transport development in their neighbourhood. Now however many appreciate the convenience and capital appreciation of their properties.

4. The facts are MRT Corp has been transparent about the contracts awarded to various companies and this resulted in a saving of RM2 billion from the initial estimated costs of RM23 billion. Local companies that participated in the construction benefited from ‘Technological Technical Transfer’ from foreign expert partner companies which would allow for these local companies to complete the remaining lines and bid for other international rail related projects.

5. This is the true success of the Transformation in Public Transport Services. Not only would it improve mobility of people but it managed to build up a many local construction and engineering firms to new heights. Furthermore 130 000 jobs opportunities are created.

6. Such allegations that Prasarana would see major losses if they took over more assets are completely misleading to the public. The Opposition fails to understand the ‘economic and social value’ that companies like Prasarana operate by, which is primarily to provide services to the rakyat. Even services like the London Tube run by TFL still needs subsidies (£3 Billion annual) as the main objective is people mobility and economic multiplier effect for city of London.

7. Any good Public Transport service has to be planned for the long term, which means services currently provided would outweigh current demand. Therefore issue such as initial operational losses are taken into account. Hence the addition of the MRT, Prasarana can expect Public Transport usage to increase and help their cash-flow in the long run.

8. What the Opposition fails to understand is that rail or bus services must continue to function from the very first customer in the morning, to peak rush hour, till the last customer at night, it must fully operate. It cannot choose to only operate at a particular time.

9. The bigger question is what alternative solution has the Opposition brought to solve public transport. Did they promise to provide more buses or rail for the public in the last elections or were they too busy fighting for cheaper cars and making roads toll free.

10. However one thing is clear, attacks from PKR MP Rafizi Ramli is actually an acknowledgement that the Opposition is feeling the heat from the benefits that the rakyat is currently experiencing from the Transformation in Public Transport.

11. Truth is, the more they attack the more the government knows they are on the right track.


Author: bintangku

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