Whatever it is Malaysia is still the best! 

UK : Don’t like our VAT 20%? You can leave UK and go to Malaysia matey! Their GST is only 6 %

US :You want free healthcare ? You can leave USA and go to Malaysia . It’s almost free there!

Hong Kong : Cannot afford a ho
use ? You can leave Hong Kong and go to Malaysia . Almost everyone above 30 years old own houses there!

Philippines : What ? You want a car ? Leave Philippines and go to Malaysia . Every house hold owns more than a car there!

Canada : petrol price too expensive ? Leave Canada and go to Malaysia . Their petrol is even cheaper than Coca Cola!

China : want to secure a placement in high school ? Leave China and go Malaysia . They have lots of Chinese schools for you and everyone is secured of a place .
Japan : want to enjoy life while working ? Leave Japan and go Malaysia . They have a lot of Public Holidays , they work until 6 pm , most doesn’t work on weekend , go movie, drink Starbucks, eat at Indian Muslims restaurants and always travel .

Indonesia : want a Chinese mayor ? Leave Jakarta and go to Penang . The Penang Chief Minister was never a non Chinese , which ever party !

Singapore : you want to curse and defame your leader in FB ? Leave Singapore maa and go up north . They curse their Prime Minister everyday (courtesy of some commentators below)

And the list goes on…

*Whatever it is Malaysia is still the best! 👍*


Author: bintangku

blogger sopo

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